Monday, 26 March 2012

Who do you trust?

Whoever advises our Prime Minister on her daily media lines needs to be fired.  Immediately.

Because today, in yet another display of amazingly weak political judgement, Ms. Gillard through her own rhetoric fed the Liberal Party exactly the lines it will need to manufacture the next election's most potent advertisements:

"Who do you trust to manage the economy in the interests of working people? Who do you trust to understand the needs of the future and the building of that future economy? Who do you trust to spread the benefits of the mining boom to make sure they are shared by all Australians?"

Rest assured, the Liberals will not be playing the entirety of that quote in their election ads.  Just four words will do.  They would even make a good bumper sticker.

"Who do you trust?"

The ad that could propel Tony Abbott's party onto the Treasury Benches will be beautifully simple.  It will open with the Prime Minister asking over and over:  "Who do you trust?"

It will then cut to the following:

The ad will then finish by silently asking the viewer:  "Who do you trust?"

Julia Gillard can hardly complain.  Her political death warrant will be served using her very own words.

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